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FAQ - Property Management

FAQ – Property Management

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Property Management Services:

How long will my vacancy stand empty?

Part of our job of providing residential property management services we strive to find the balance between filling our vacancies and finding quality tenants. Quality tenants will provide longevity, less turn around and less turn around costs. We advertise daily and can show on your short notice. Once a tenant shows an interest in a vacancy, has an approved application and gives a deposit we consider a vacancy rented. If a unit stands vacant for longer than usual more than likely it is a slow market.
FAQ - Property Management
What type of tenants will you place in my property?

Our interest in providing Pinellas County Property Management services is to find the best tenant possible for your investment. We do not accept anyone with a criminal or eviction history and the prospective tenants’ credit must be in good standing.

When will I receive my first check and reports?

Our reports reflect the previous months activities and the check you receive is based on the previous months profit and loss. We send out the reports, and corresponding checks, during the first week of any given month.

What is your policy on tenants who do not pay rent?

A tenants rent is due on the 1st and considered late on the 2nd. There is a 5 day grace period that is standard in the business. Every tenant who has not paid their rent by the 5th receives a 3 day notice on the 6th. If they have not paid by the end of the 3 day notice we do evict. We do review each late payment on an individual basis.

Do you provide property management in St Petersburg Fl?

Yes we do. There are certain areas of St Pete that we do not service. Ask for more details.

Do you recommend property management companies in Tampa Fl?

At this time we do not service Tampa Florida. Our specialty is property management in Pinellas County Florida.

What is your policy on maintenance items?

Our contract states that we will not spend more than $250 on any one maintenance item without owner approval. Most of our maintenance items are handled within house by using our experienced maintenance man. This saves money in not having to use an outside professional.

However, there are times when bigger maintenance items need to be addressed, or we encounter something our maintenance personnel feels that they cannot do, and for these items we work with the owner of the property on fixing the issue in the most economical way possible.

Something to note, Florida law states that landlords must provide
air conditioning to their tenants.

What can I do to help?

A property that is well maintained, clean, and is at market price, is a property that rents better. Anything you can do to help keep your property in this manner will ensure the best possibility of success in renting.

For questions or information, call us at 727-443-0901 or Email us here