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Opt for a Specialized Property Manager over Large Real Estate Service

Opt for a Specialized Property Manager over Large Real Estate Service

property managementWhen you want worthy, personalized property management service, you may be looking for specific things not necessarily practiced by or provided for in a large real estate company that also handles property management on a more or less “on-the-side” basis. This is not to say that all larger companies offering property management as a sideline or part of a collection of property-related services are incompetent or completely ineffective. But simply put, just as with medicine or various other professions, for example, you may require or be in better hands with an actual specialist.

Property Management Agencies and Real Estate Companies are Two Different Animals

Not surprisingly, the fundamental purpose of a real estate company is in facilitating and acting as agents in the buying and selling of real estate. Property managers, on the other hand, deal with the care and oversight of properties being rented, including filling such properties with viable renters while providing enough income from the investment property to satisfy the needs of the owner, as well as freeing the owner’s attention from ongoing maintenance and other related concerns.

True, some large real estate companies may carry property management as a sideline. But sometimes the term “sideline” in itself suggests that other operations are receiving the major and fundamental attention of the company.

Additionally, real estate and property management are separate professions with their own unique procedures, regulations and demands, and the abilities and experience in one area are not necessarily interchangeable with those of the other. Anyone trying to do both will have divided attention spanning two very diverse activities.

property managementA real estate company rightfully has to concern itself with the material aspects of a deal (as in “real” for real estate), emphasizing brevity and speed. Buyers and sellers understandably want the transaction to be completed quickly with as little continued interaction as possible. The carrot for a real estate agent is usually the one-time commission on the sale. Once the sale is achieved, the real estate agent will work on another transaction with the same diligence and motivation.

A reliable property manager, on the other hand, is in for the long haul, so to speak. Their payoff is comprised of regular increments based on continuity of service and demands an entirely different mind-set regarding human interaction.

Personal Service is a Hallmark of the Specialized Property Management Business

Here you have the crux of the matter. The property manager’s role demands attention on personalities, as well as the ongoing maintenance and rental of the investment property involved. The skilled residential property manager will inspire confidence and personal trust, and impart excellent knowledge and guidance to both tenants and owners. This can be much harder to achieve in a large company with many more people involved in communication and overseeing and carrying out myriad responsibilities.

Learn the value of staying in touch and building a rapport with one or two informed individuals who are committed to the success of your Pinellas County investment property. When in need of truly worthwhile one-on-one property management services, seek out the dedicated specialist.

Jennifer Fehr Property Manager of Suncoast4rentJennifer Fehr is the co-owner of Suncoast4Rent with her husband Tom Fehr. Jennifer is a Florida State Real Estate Sales person and works through Stonebridge Real Estate Co Inc in Clearwater, Fl (Pinellas County) to bring the personal touch to all your Real Estate needs, be it professional residential property management, consultation or sales.

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