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Aug 29
The Vital Role of a Rental Property Manager

Property Manager FloridaAny owner of rental property, whether seasonal cabins, waterfront suites and other vacation rentals, or potentially long-term accommodation, such as single-family residences, apartments and condos, is immediately confronted with the self-same perplexing issues. “How do I find reliable renters? How do I make sure my property stays in good condition? … Read More

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Aug 01
Stress Free Property Management in Clearwater Florida

Do You Have Rental Property in Clearwater Florida?

Clearwater, Florida is home to the fabulous Clearwater Beach. With miles of beautiful pristine beaches covered in soft white sand, warm water and constant sunshine, the Clearwater area is a wonderful place to live or to go on vacation. Follow the dolphins … Read More

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Jul 19
Condo Rentals in Florida: What a Property Manager Does for You

Florida Condo RentalYou own a condo in Florida and would like to rent it out. It’s a great idea, but there’s a lot more to it than you might think. Getting into the business of condo rentals in Florida can be rewarding and profitable, especially if you hire the services of an … Read More

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Jul 12
What to Know about Good Property Management

Without a doubt, trusted property management is the best option for anyone who wants to maximize the income potential of their Florida house, townhome, condo or apartment. However, not many people know exactly what property management involves and to what extent it makes or breaks the success of ongoing property … Read More

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Jul 03
Tips on What Kind of Property Manager to Avoid

A property manager is the one in charge of overseeing and maintaining your real estate investment. The property manager acts as the all-important go-between who reflects your standards and professionalism to both prospective and current tenants. A good property manager communicates effectively and is responsive to questions and concerns, both … Read More

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Jun 30
Find Affordable Post-College Condo Rentals in Florida

Congratulations! You’ve finally snagged that hard-earned degree, and you’re well on your way to full independence. With life after college, you face a number of choices and decisions, wondering what you should do with your achievements, what job to take, where to go after graduation and, of course, where you’ll … Read More

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Jun 27
How to Run Your Investment Property Hassle-Free

Rentable property can be one of today’s better investments. It represents secure equity that only appreciates in value, and property in Florida is no exception. But whether you are right around the corner or many miles away, keeping on top of things is no easy task. Because of its great … Read More

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Jun 15
5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a House for Sale in Florida

Buying a house in FloridaYou’ve probably heard that it’s a good time to invest in real estate because of the reasonable rates. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just go and buy the first property you see. Make a wise investment by knowing what questions you should ask your real estate agent prior … Read More

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May 30
Ever wonder about the Eviction process?

Have you ever wondered about the eviction process?

The eviction process is a big source of misunderstanding for people outside of Real Estate.  Movies and Television have it depicted incorrectly: the landlord twirling their handlebar mustache as the poor family gets thrown out onto the street.  I am here to … Read More

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Apr 29
13 Things your real estate agent won’t tell you!

I recently started receiving the Reader’s Digest. One of my favorite sections of the magazine is called “Home Digest” and each month there is a different topic.  The headings start off as “13 things your (fill in the blank) won’t tell you”. This month the topic was “13 things your Read More

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