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Stress Free Property Management in Clearwater Florida

Stress Free Property Management in Clearwater Florida

Do You Have Rental Property in Clearwater Florida?

Clearwater, Florida is home to the fabulous Clearwater Beach. With miles of beautiful pristine beaches covered in soft white sand, warm water and constant sunshine, the Clearwater area is a wonderful place to live or to go on vacation. Follow the dolphins on one of the many tours or join the daily festival on Pier 60, there are a variety of fun activities to do; and the city of Tampa is less than 3o minutes away for work and more cosmopolitan adventures. The beautiful town of Dunedin, with its historic Scottish flavor, is right next door to Clearwater; another great place to live and work.

Real Estate Prices and Rental Properties in Clearwater and Dunedin

Real estate prices are relatively good in both Clearwater and Dunedin. Many people have bought properties, which they use only part-time in the winter months to escape the snow and cold. They come down to spend time in the warmth of the Florida sun. However, conditions can change and many people are now renting their houses and condo’s all year long. Rental properties in Clearwater and Dunedin are fairly abundant, so those that want to rent their premises often need some professional help.

Renting Property From Long Distance

It can be difficult to rent a property in Florida while living a thousand miles away in New York or wherever. What if something breaks; or the tenants are not really taking care of the property, even though they are paying their rent on time; or … any one of a hundred things can to wrong when renting property.

This makes renting out property stressful, and possibly very costly! No one needs that if they can avoid it.

Having a good resource property management company is a wise idea. Residential property management is particularly sensitive to the possibility of damage being done or maintenance and cleanliness being ignored by renters. Resort rentals or purely vacation rentals are a different matter. It’s short term; most of the rent money is received up front, and there is often an on-site property caretaker for these types of Florida vacation rentals.

3 Great Reasons to Use a Professional Real Estate Management Group

There are more than 3 reasons to hire a someone for your property management but the main ones are easy to define:

1. Stress free property management equals peace of mind that your house or condo will be as valuable after your rent it as it was when you decided to rent it. Good property managers not only screen applicants carefully, they pay attention to your property each month.

2. Saving money in the long run. By the time your advertise; go through all the applications; try your best to screen the applicants from a distance; re-screen; re-screen; then choose a tenant and still pay someone to help them get into the property; only to have them move out 4 months later to start all over again … well … that costs time and money.

3. Someone is there for you at all times with your property INVESTMENT in mind and your tenants are kept happy too. This is important. Keeping tenants happy means longevity of the renter – who will have more pride in their rental place, which in turn means less cost and more peace of mind.

Stress free property management – it’s a good thing to have!

Jennifer Fehr is the co-owner of Suncoast4Rent with her husband Tom Fehr. Jennifer is a Florida State Real Estate Sales person and works through Stonebridge Real Estate Co Inc in Clearwater, Fl (Pinellas County) to bring the personal touch to all your Real Estate needs, be it professional residential property management, consultation or sales.


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