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Property Management Consultation Services

Property Management Consultation Services

THE answer to your property management needs!

Property Management Consultation ServicesIf you are a local property owner and are looking for a more economical property management solution, this may just be the item for you.

Through property management consultation you have a platform to air the difficulties you are stumbling upon and we can offer simple solutions to stream line your investments:

  • Proper lawn care and the power of a clean property
  • Effective marketing of your vacancies
  • Proper tenant verification and selection
  • Why an official lease makes your life easier
  • Proper move in procedure
  • How to serve a 3 day notice to non-rent payers
  • How to evict properly (we have lawyers to refer)

We can also meet you at the property to do a walk through and be a new set of eyes on things you may be missing that you could do to make the property more desirable, helping to cut down on vacancy rates.

How Property Management Works

After your initial phone consultation we will meet in person to go more into depth about the problems you are having and to make the time spent on your property more effective for you.  I will then put together a package for you encompassing detailed instructions needed: a step by step approach to the solution that will help you.  I can provide lawyer, plumbing, maintenance, HVAC, carpet, pest control, painter, electrician, etc… referrals.  I can also provide you with proper forms for 3 day and 7 day notices.


Free initial phone consultation to hear what your problems are and to see if we are your solution.

$100 an hour afterwards

For questions or information, call us at 727-443-0901 or Email us here