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Property Management Services in Pinellas County

Property Management Services in Pinellas County

Property Management Services in Pinellas CountyHello! Welcome to your “Go To” place for property management on the Sun Coast of Florida!

My name is Jennifer Fehr. Tom (my husband) and I run a successful property management services business through the Stonebridge Real Estate Company in Clearwater, Florida.  Combined, we have over 30 years of experience, both in Northern California and, for the last decade, in Florida.

Currently we manage, roughly, 100 units in Pinellas County, Fl.  We handle everything from single family homes and condos to multi-family buildings. We average about a 95 occupancy rate with our properties and we strive to keep our vacancies low.

“We are not Realtors making ends meet during lean times doing something we barely know; we are Property Managers full time.”

Our Property Management Services Goals Are Two Fold

  1. We want to make you money!  We understand that this is an investment for you and that you are looking for the highest returns and the lowest expense.
  2. We want to take care of your investment!  Throughout our time with your property we take care of it and make sure you have a real product. Real Estate is a long term investment and during the harder rental markets when rents are low you can be rest assured the property is being taken care of to maximize your equity for when the time comes to sell.

Things For You to Know

We are here to MAKE YOU MONEY and make your life a bit easier.

We retain an approximate $500 balance in each client’s account at all times for emergencies.  This is accounted for to the client.

Reports and checks are sent out by the 15th of each month and they reflect the activity on the properties for the prior month.

We run a thorough credit check on each applicant and do not accept anyone with a criminal or eviction history.

Good maintenance, though potentially not cheap up front, saves you money in the long run.

Our Fees Are as Follows

* Our management fee is 10% of all rent collected

With this we coordinate all tenant communication, deal with all maintenance issues, and we handle the rent collections, accounting and bill paying.

* We charge a leasing fee of 50% of a full month’s rent.

This fee covers the advertising, the coordination of showings, moving a new tenant in and a move-in pack that we provide for each new tenant.

* We charge a lease re-signing fee for every tenant who signs a new one year lease.  This fee is 50% of a full month’s rent.

We find it the most economical choice is to keep a tenant happy and have them resign so that our clients don’t have the inevitable costs associated with tenant turnover and the resultant vacancy.

* We charge $150 – $500 per unit fee for any unit that needs to be made “rent ready”.

This fee applies only to new buildings taken on that have vacant units that need a lot of work before being considered rent ready. This covers supervising work so that it gets done and done properly.  It varies depending upon the amount of work needed.

Maintenance, lawn care, pest control and cleaning are not covered in our management fee.  We coordinate these items so that they are done, but they cost is paid from the owners account.

Because we are on the front lines of the rental market we need the freedom to set the rental price on any empty unit so that we are able to fill vacant units in a timely manner.  We do regular rental rate surveys to make sure that our rent prices are competitive and we fill vacancies.

Tom and I trust you will enjoy and appreciate our property management services.

For questions or information, call us at 727-443-0901 or Email us here